Windows Reinstallation

Due to hardware changes, hard disk damage, or virus corruption, your Windows operating system can unfortunately become unrecoverable. You also might be your Windows operating system to be slow or glitchy due to damage or corruption too. If this happens to your PC, laptop, or mobile device, don't worry – we have the perfect solution here at 4DPC.

At 4DPC we can reinstall Windows on your computer system, keeping all your data – files, videos, documents and photos – in one piece. We'll even attempt to save all your installed and downloaded programmes. When reinstalling windows we will ensure all updates and service packs are present, updated, and secure on your computer system. We can use your existing key and software when reinstalling, or provide you with the Windows software if you no longer have it.

Windows reinstallation can bring a new lease of life to your computer system and can help it to operate faster and more seamlessly. Windows provides high functionality and is essential to a fully working laptop, PC, or tablet.

We can offer a Same Day service on most of our Windows reinstallation services. So, bring your computer equipment to our retail store or contact us about one of our friendly technicians coming to your home or office to effectively troubleshoot your equipment.

What we do:

  • Secure all your existing data & programmes
  • Reinstall Windows operating system
  • Check updates & services are present
  • Test functionality of operating system

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